This Flying Camera Leaves Selfie Sticks in The Dust

Airselfie drone

‘Airselfie’ attaches to your phone using a case and can be deployed aerially to catch selfies or group photos from the sky.

To make selfie from a distance greater than the length of the arm, it is necessary to resort to using a monopod and other devices.

On Kickstarter fundraising began to produce pocket drone AirSelfie, which will take photos at resolutions up to 5 megapixels and record videos with the participation of the owner from a distance of several meters. Data is stored on the memory card 4 GB.

AirSelfie will work in conjunction with a smartphone running iOS or Android control, using the appropriate mobile application that will allow you to control the recording.

This Flying Camera Leaves Selfie Sticks in The… NowThis