Taurids meteors watch live November 5 2016

Scheduled for Nov 5, 2016 by YT user 2016 Star Gazing

His description
Hey everyone and welcome to another Live stream of the night sky here from London UK.

Here is a link to information regarding all meteor showers seen throughout the year of 2016 for anyone interested in reading about them.

As we seem to be having a few night’s of clear skys here over London, I thought I would run a stream for anyone interested. The Taurids(North and South) aren’t famous for producing many meteor sightings, but does offer some very bright ones, and if we’re lucky maybe the odd fireball. For us in the UK (northern Hemisphere) our best chance of seeing meteor’s from this shower will be between the 10th and 13th of November (North Taurids) though this shower started mid October and runs through to early December.

Equipment Used Tonight:
Sony A7s DSLR camera, 24mm Cine T1.5 Lens, OBS studio and avermedia LGX capture card.

(While I do my best to update timestamps in the description the days after the streams, please don’t hesitate to add a timestamp of your own in the comments section, it really helps me out and allows others to quickly view something you’ve seen)

Composite image of the 2015 Perseid shower
Composite image of the 2015 Perseid shower at Mount Rainier National Park. Matt Dieterich, who composed it, calls it ‘Skyfall.’

live stream video

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