Seeing massive UFO, the same object, seen in CA and US 2016


UFO cigare big

I believe that different witnesses from Canada and America, who filmed the UFOs, similar in characteristics luminous objects, saw the same lights.

I have already described in detail what kind of object, see the link below.

Two spherical UFO, or a cigar-shaped object with lights

Briefly I will say only that it is possible UFOs cigar that moves on the earth’s orbit.

UFO seen in the United States November 19, 2016, see below

First video from Levittown PA, US

A brief description of two eyewitnesses.

Lights moving in the sky seems to almost twinkle bright red orange

Second video from Fort St John, BC, CA

The map shows places of observation.

Between two points a very large distance.

As it can be seen UFOs ( or cigar-shaped object ) flew about 5,000 km, which confirms that he was in the orbit of the Earth and flew very  quickly.

The maximum range of visibility of any orbital object not more than 500km, which means that the UFO was moving at a speed of about 3-5 thousand kilometers per hour. In the video you can accurately determine its speed.