Secrets of the Temple of erotic Candi Sukuh, Java

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Candi Sukuh, Java’s Ancient Erotic Pyramid

In the central part of the island of Java in Indonesia, at an altitude of 900 meters on the western slope of Mount Lava, Javanese-Hindu temple (candi), built in the form of a stepped pyramid. Temple of erotic Candi Sukuh Java.

Candi Sukuh temple complex belongs to the fifteenth century, and its central pyramid, according to historians, was built in the 1437th year. The architecture is quite unusual for Indonesia – the only temple of its kind in the country.

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Step Pyramid is completely similar to the Mayan pyramids of Central America and how it happened is still a mystery. Mysterious pyramid of Sukuh temple complex and mysterious area is densely dotted with ancient monuments and altars decorated with bas-reliefs of ancient erotic content.

All statues are made in a very naturalistic style, with all the anatomical details of the human sexual organs. Scientists suggest that Sukuh was the fertility temple, therefore frank erotic sculptures and bas-reliefs on the sex scenes carry deep symbolic significance.

Goddess or speaking in modern, alien creature, intruded in the past on the planet.

This alien creature conducted genetic experiments in antiquity and killing a race of ancient people who inhabited the area in ancient times.

This race may be designated as the Redskins.
The red race has undergone the greatest change: initially its representatives had dark skin, silver steel-gray eyes and golden hair with a bronze tint.

The stone structure is well preserved video images that are a little distorted in effect of real events of the past of the planet Earth.

Crystal structures of stones stores this information.

The temple has images, statues, of various types of alien creatures, their overall appearance.

Initial aliens which we designate as the “Sumerians” created
modified modern people out of people of higher growth, people’s giants.
But some aliens rebelled against other aliens and stand up to protect people.

The Sumerians and the connection with Asian gods, common technology

They were converted into stone as the defenders aliens and the humans the Giants, then the stone figures had been decapitated.
Stone head was thrown to the foot of the pyramid.

Alien beings have penetrated into all layers of human life.

Ancient and modern aliens use sexual energy of men and women.
In ancient times, through the torture of sexual humiliation, aliens pumped out from people pain, pain in the form of energy was broadcast to the specific technical devices, these devices will transform the pain of people in a vital force for aliens of different forms.

voynich artefact
One of these alien devices, I call it, Souls Thief.

More information about this can see in my film about the Voynich manuscript in English.
Initially, my film was called My interpretation of the Voynich manuscript, and was published in Russian.