Polar Sector water vapor

Streams of water vapor of our North Pole in appearance like vortexes at the poles of Saturn.


Hourly NOAA GOES/POES composite imagery products are generated in the NOAA OSPO GEO System by using satellite imagery in GOES West/East, Meteosat, MTSAT, NOAA 18 & 19 AVHRR, Aqua/Terra, MetOp-A, MetOp-B, S-NPP, and future GOES and MTSAT satellites.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

(~0.6 µm)

Water Vapor
(~6.7 µm)

SW Infrared
(~3.8 µm)

(~11.0 µm)

LW Infrared
(~12.0 µm)

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