Mud flows, sinkholes and heavy rains Italy Nov 2016

The river overflows Provincia di Cuneo

Esondazione fiume anche rischia per farci vedere queste immagini Cuneo piena Piemonte nubifragio diluvio


The Tanaro river overflows in Garessio (CN) Here’s how it appeared now. The force is impressed there’s nothing …. Now 14:45. 24 November 2016
The bridge is now gone from the dam because of the plants that fill the underlying arches Square Bava is a lake of water and mud

Water from the river floods restaurants

Raging Tanaro river in Garessio, Cuneo, NW Italy about an hour ago -the bridge is being overflowed! Video: Davide Salvatico


Roads washed away during todays flashfloods in Corsica – Video by Florian Saoletti on the road between Farinole and Negro

Ceva (Piemonte, NW Italy) and the flooding Tanaro river this afternoon! Photo: L’Unione Monregalese

Network @3BMeteo report from the Tanaro river in Garessio, Cuneo, NW Italy

Torrents in the river Tanaro in Garessio (CN), NW Italy

The weather situation and Europe at 10.30 on November 24, 2016 video

Weather: the west of the Mediterranean affected by violent storms, from Portugal to Italy via Spain & France

severe weather


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