marinebiologyfacts: Is this fish real? Nope….


Is this fish real?

Nope. Sorry 
lisa271199 . This tiny image is clearly photoshoped, or possibly a creature from a video game? It’s hard to see any details, it’s so small haha. I actually wish it was bigger, it looks like whoever made this image went to the trouble of creating a shadow and everything. Nice work, but definitely not real…

Here’s a real fish with similar characteristics:


This is the Goliath Tigerfish. A freshwater fish found in the Congo River. They can reach about 6 feet and weigh in at about 70 pounds. They prey on other fish and have occasionally come into contact with humans. They are fast and powerful, definitely appropriate for Halloween!

So I did a little more digging when I had some time and I found the source of the photo:

This was a sculpture done by Tampa Bay artist Juan Cabana. He also creates fictional cover stories to give more life to his art to sell them. However because the internet is what it is some of his pictures and stories started circulating as true monsters found on beaches.

Really cool art, but still not a real fish.

Also not that I’ve got a larger pic we can analyze this a little more. If this had been something that washed up on the beach it would not be able to sit up the way it is. You can clearly see the back end is lifted up off of the ground and the animal would have more likely been lying on its side. Also the snarling look is it think meant to look like it’s attacking something, an animal washed up on the beach would not be frozen in this position.

Thanks again to lisa271199 for the interesting submission.

Source Marine Biology Facts and Information

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