Lunar and Solar Thanksgiving Live Stream 11-24-16

Lunar (moon) and Solar (Sun) Thanksgiving Live Stream 11-24-16


By P&K SpaceImaging

Paul and I stream the moon to the world to help educate and give people a rare look at the moon that they may have never seen and to look for anomalies that otherwise would not be seen. We would be doing this whether we have 1 viewer or 1 million viewers. We do this as a service to those who, like us, are natural explorers and want to learn and converse about Earths only natural satellite… Luna A.K.A The Moon.

Scope Operation: Paul- Miami FL
Celestron CPC 10″ Scope
80mm ED Carbon Fiber For Wide Field Viewing
Celestron 130mm Refractor Medium
Orion Starshoot HD Web Broadcasting Camera
**plus some secret attachments :)**

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