Is it Real? Submission

The Pink See-Through Fantasia!

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First of all thank you to marine-enclosures  for the very first submission!

Yes the Pink Sea-Through Fantasia is real!

This is a species of free swimming sea cucumber that was found at a depth of 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) in the Celebes Sea and was discovered by a team of NOAA and National Geographic Society scientists and photographers. It was found during a census in 2007.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of information out there and this appears to be one of the only photos of this animal. The deep sea is incredibly difficult and expensive to study so it may be many more years before we get any thing else about this animal. However there is some info we can get from this photo.

We know it is a deep sea animal, so it has adapted to living in darkness, under extreme pressure. Sea cucumbers are fairly simple animals and the brown coil we can see inside its body is most likely its digestive system. I was not able to get the size of this animal and the photo has no reference in it.

The scientific name is Enypniastes eximia and here is an abstract to a scientific paper describing this and other similar species:

Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got for now. To access more info I’d have to pay to read the scientific journals that the articles were published in.

Thanks again for the cool submission, it was definitely a fun challenge to find the info on it.

Source Marine Biology Facts and Information