Is it Real? Submission 3 – Blue Dragon Nudibranch

Once again marine-enclosures with a really cool photo (seriously you must have a whole folder of these haha)

Yes this cute little sea slug is Real!

They are native to the Indo-Pacific region and are sometimes found washed up on the shores of Australia.

But don’t be fooled by it’s cute and ethereal appearance, these little guys pack a punch. This animal feeds on Portuguese man o’ wars which have powerful stinging cells called nematocysts. The Blue Dragon Nudibranch will store the stinging cells it its own tissue for defense. So if you come across one best to leave it be, or if you want to help it get back to the water, make sure not to touch it and use a bucket or small shovel to pick it up.

In the video below you’ll see they have kind of an odd way of moving on their own. Typically they rely on the ocean currents to get from one place to another.

Thanks again for yet another cool submission! Keep them coming!

And for all of you other lovelies out there if you are interested in this series check out this post and don’t be afraid to submit something even if you’re not 100% sure if it’s real (that’s the point of the series because quite frankly sometimes it’s hard to tell):

Source Marine Biology Facts and Information