History about the discovery in Antarctica

Antarctica ruins, Ancient, Old, Structure, Under, Antarctica Ice
From my video

I want to say that the vdeo which was used in many hoax channels without my permission, was created by me for the first time and uploaded to my YT channel XfileComander, in Dec. 2014.

Just to prove that I’m the author of the video, in the video there are links to my blogs.

My own video below

After YouTube removing my first channel, hoaxers have found copies of my video on the Internet and use it to deceive their audience.

That is how describe this video hoaxers (UFOmania – The truth is out there and his promoter disclose.tv), makes me laugh:

 US military immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied.

Spy Satellite Detects an Ancient 12,000-Year-Old Structure Under Antarctica Ice

It seems that the hoaxers did not respect their readers and viewers.

Fantasies they certainly did not take away, they come up with the news themselves.

In fact, satellite images, downloaded from a weather satellite. In these images, I found a very strange formation.

Soon I’ll check again the satellite images, and soon will release a new high-quality video, let’s see what happens.