Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon – Norway – Science Camp – Sept 2016

UFO from Hessdalen in Norway

Shared by Rob Freeman – UFEs In The Sky

As part of our upcoming documentary “Making Contact – Be Inspired”, Marcus, Kelly & I spent a week in Hessdalen, Norway with the “Science Camp”, studying the famous Hessdalen Lights phenomenon:


Professor Erling P. Strand , who runs the project, was very kind to spend hours & hours with us personally & privately, to take us to the different observation posts high up on the mountains, show us the various spots where the sightings have occurred, and share the many stories around the lights over the years.

Excellent video on what they may be:

This vid details what has been established so far as fact:

Kelly turned her night scope on right after we saw the first flash. It flashes again at 0:12 secs & once more at 0:21 secs. She didn’t see the 2nd flash – the 3rd one she did. But what happened after it disappeared was even more interesting. Both Kelly’s night vision scope & Marcus’s Canon camera malfunctioned. The NV scope went a bit fuzzy & started flickering, while the Canon Marcus had would not even focus. This never happened before this event, or after, for the rest of the week. The batteries tested out to be just fine, also. The day before, we also saw our iPhones (all 4) keep shutting down saying no battery, even though they all had at least a 30% charge. There is something strange that happens to electronic equipment when this phenomenon occurs .. we spoke to others in the Science Camp & at the Hessdalen Project Headquarters who had similar experiences with their equipment going “on the fritz”. Please ignore the fast moving objects in the video – lots of moths were flying by that night!

 It was an honour to rub shoulders with scientists from around the world. Christer Olofsson, the boss of the Slettælet station / camp at the south end of the valley, who is speaking in the last part of this vid is Swedish, hence the Swedish flag. Alison Kruse, who joined us from the USA on this trip, spent a night at his camp with me on the mountaintop observing the phenomenon & we both appreciated Christer’s knowledge & hospitality very much .. especially the hot meal of reindeer stew! As Christer mentioned, the Hessdalen Lights typically show up when the Northern Lights are present, among other things:

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