Earthquake Causes Power Outage in Hastings, in New Zealand’s Northern Island

The 7.4-magnitude earthquake that hit New Zealand on Sunday, November 13, caused power outage in some regions. This video shows power peaks at a home in Hastings, in the country’s Northern Island.

new zeland earthquake

The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence (MCDEM) warned residents on the the east coast to move to higher ground, due to a tsunami threat caused by the quake. Credit: Colin Bennett-Mandy via Storyful

Earthquake Causes Power Outage in Hastings, in… storyfulviral

Without prejudice and profanity, it is not strange lights and UFO.

It was an explosion of an electrical transformer

Many people overnight reported seeing strange lights in the sky, a phenomenon that has been reported for centuries before, during, and after earthquakes.

Seismologists aren’t in agreement about the causes of the hotly-debated phenomenon – called earthquake lights or, sometimes, earthquake lightning.

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