“Daytime” asteroids will see Russian satellite

Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Outer Space agreed on the parameters of the project to create a monitoring system of celestial bodies approaching the Earth. Scientific research work “day asteroid detection system” (SODA) and “SODA-detection” will begin in 2017. It is assumed that the built system will detect celestial bodies with a diameter greater than 10 m for four hours before the estimated time of entry into the atmosphere.

Russian SODA – “detection system daytime asteroids”

The minutes of the RAS Council on space solutions states that the purpose of research SODA – detection and monitoring of hazardous celestial bodies approaching the Earth from the sun. The budget for the year 2017 – 10 million rubles. As part of the research “SODA-detection” is planned to mathematical modeling of the space complex SODA, the budget of the project – 2.5 million rubles. The prime contractor of this work stands the Institute of Astronomy (russian INASAN).

Chelyabinsk meteorite in 2013 clearly showed that the ground is not possible to detect the cosmic body, approaching us from the Sun – says the research manager INASAN Boris Shustov
SODA project involves the construction of the spacecraft, which will be sent to one of the Lagrange points – L1, located between the Earth and the Sun at a distance of 1.5 million km from Earth. It is planned to place a telescope that will examine the space around the Earth, its field of “vision” will be tapered.

– In this cone will get all of the body, approaching from the sun. Calculations show that the ten meter long body, detected by telescopes with an aperture of 30 cm in the optical range, so there is not need to highly complex and expensive technologies, – said Boris Shustov. – The payload of the satellite will be about 50 kg and platform weighs about 100 kg. In fact, this microsatellite. The cost of creating the unit and contact the ground complex was estimated at approximately $ 100 million.

Video from Roscosmos

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