Big snowfall in Kazakhstan


Heavy snowfall hit the Alma-Ata. In the market “Baysat”, could not stand weight of the falling snow, the roof collapsed.

According to rescuers, the metal canopy collapsed containers between trading area of 720 square meters. It is reported that the service 103, asked for help two people.

Take a look at this with an avalanche of 0:56 seconds.

The cleaning of the city involved 4,500 streets. It has dropped 60 centimeters of snow, which is three times the rate of 15-20 centimeters. Earlier in Almaty passing snowfall have called unprecedented.

Meanwhile, on the streets can be seen benefiting from the situation of extreme

Алатау ауданы, Рысқұлов даңғылы. #akimatalmaty Алатауский район, пр.Рыскулова.

Видео опубликовано Алматы қаласының әкімдігі (@akimat_almaty)

Бостандық ауданы, Сейфуллин даңғылы. #akimatalmaty Бостандыкский район, пр. Сейфуллина.

Видео опубликовано Алматы қаласының әкімдігі (@akimat_almaty)

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