“Alien Skull” and skeleton-mummy found in southern desert of Peru 2016

two aliens from Peru
Two aliens


Is composed of bone, with a thick hard layer of grey coloured skin like material. It was allegedly found in a cave in the southern desert of Peru along with other related artifacts. It appears to be about 13 centimeters long.

grey coloured skin alien head
Some images are taken from the hiddenincatours.com

The hand of the alien hybrid from Peru Strange “Alien” Hand Found On The Coast Of Peru

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alien head Peru

There is encrusted material, likely fine clay which is a common component in the desert sand of the Peruvian coast in the mouth, nostrils and eyelids of the specimen. Clearly it should be taken to a physician and/or veterinarian for professional examination. reports Brien D Foerster from hiddenincatours.com

The aliens alien head mummy artifact in Peru

This closeup view of the damaged underside of the specimen shows the exposed bone as well as marrow. Plans are in the works for DNA as well as radiocarbon testing of the specimen in major labs in North America. source


I now wonder how he will explain the customs officers at the borders that he carries?
It is unlikely that customs officials will approve the carriage of certain mummies when they see them in their X-ray machine through the monitor.
Alien mummy is not officially formalized in the documents.  xissufotoday.space


The aliens alien artifact in Peru 2016

Two mummies of aliens discovered in the desert of the south of Perú
The head without a body

Published on Nov 16, 2016 by krawix999
Two mummies of aliens discovered in the desert of the south of Perú for my friend this 2016. The being and skull have bone, skin, cotton inside. Interwiew to Brien Foerster, Thierry Jamin and Edward Valenzuela.
Thierry Jamin say: Well, for me, it was truly a total surprise to discover these remains that obviously do not look human. I’ve done archaeological research for almost 20 years, I’ve studied a lot of Inca mummies, from other cultures like Paracas and Nazca, and what I’ve seen here seems alien, it seems to come from another world. I am under a blow, it seems incredible to have in my hands bodies that seem to come from another world. Here I believe … For me it is the proof that they do not only exist, that they have come centuries or millennia ago.

The aliens alien artifact in Peru
Mummy alien from behind

Esward Valenzuela say: I am really impressed, I am shocked, I never want to see and have these bodies so close to hands, and I can certify that this is real physical evidence, that these bodies are not false. They have all structure, have skin, have very detailed shapes. This would be a final proof that there are beings from other worlds who have had contact with ancient civilizations. This is the most incredible thing we have ever seen.
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Mummy alien from ahead in 2016

Mummy 13 cm alien head

Published on Oct 18, 2016
The first analysis with X-Ray. Has 3 pairs of ribs and three fingers.

Mummy alien from xrays x-ray image skeleton found in Peru

X-ray alien legs

X-ray alien mummy hads

TV reports about the found skeleton-mummy of an alien telepath in the cave date of October 6, 2016.

Alien mummy Peru TV report

Very strange attitude from the seasoned professional researcher who assumes that this is a genuine alien creature.

professional researcher and alien mummy

Why do researchers and other people touch the mummies without gloves, as seen in the video.

They did not use protection, though such artifacts can contain toxins and even dangerous deadly viruses.

Just this fact makes doubt the authenticity of artifacts.

When dealing with such artifacts necessary protective face masks, gloves and special clothing.


What Is This Strange Skull Like Specimen In Peru?

Video by Brien Foerster

 NEW video 22 november 2016