A bright fireball in the sky over Denmark November 28, 2016.

Copenhagen Meteor fireball
Copenhagen Meteor November 28th 2016

Video from allsky cam (best capture)

Recorded over Copenhagen

Danish: København

 Meteor seen in the sky for 10 seconds.
It is possible to estimate the speed of 5-10 km per second.

Meteor was very bright so he could see far beyond Denmark’s example a video from Poland.

Dashcam from Słupsk, Poland.

Copenhagen Meteor from dashcam

According to astrophysicist Tina Ibsen from the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen.

People from all over the country have reported seeing a fireball streak through the sky at about 18:25.
“We have received many inquiries from people who saw a fireball,” Ibsen told TV2.

Bright Fireball in the northern part of Germany
(near the northern horizon)

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