Strange phenomenon In Jerusalem Sky With Trumpet FAKE sound CGI

The original video has been hidden by its author.
Original video source link above
In the author’s page at YouTube there are many hoaxes (CGI – computer-generated imagery).
 The author has made private, all of its video, made in adobe after effects software, after his video with strange sounds and ring in the sky of Jerusalem became viral.
Video fake to make money on the trust of people.
Here are a few hoaxer channels, they make money by fooling people.
Jerusalem strange sounds viral fake
Jerusalem strange sounds viral fake.




after his video with strange sounds and ring in the sky of Jerusalem became viral.
Reupload by news channel Part of the revenue from the views, goes to hoaxer.


It is clearer than anything else, you do not need to be computer graphics of engineers that would like to see that the clouds are not real.
And the sound of this kind can make everyone in the audio editor in 5 minutes.


No other video of other witnesses, if this happened in real life, then millions of people would like to filmed it on a video camera.


Even when different channels are using this video, for the automatic YT content IDs systeme, revenue goes to its creator.

Youtube is a commercial platform available to everyone but not all arrive at honest.

He (hoaxer) licensed the video and now earns money on the fact that people are watching his videos.

Here for example it earned about $ 1,000 on video in just one month

hoax strange sky in jerusalem 2016
Cloud movement contrary to the laws of aerodynamics and physics.

Media have entered into a financial agreement with the hoaxer is why they, too, earn income from the video

People who live in Israel, Jerusalem, confirmed that nothing abnormal happened October 1, 2016

Another resident of Jerusalem confirms that video is hoax.

Another resident of Jerusalem confirms that video is hoax.
He live in Jerusalem
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