Orionid meteor shower live 21 October 2016 from UK

Welcome all, as the Orionid meteor shower approaches us, I thought I’d do a live stream of an area facing East of the night sky here in London for a few hours!

Moon is still very bright so it’s going to pretty much wash out all but the brightest meteo’rs this week/end, so if you are expecting to see lots of meteors and I really hope we do…well fingers crossed.
So, unless cloud and rain appear! it wont stop me from doing the streams, so check back often over the week ahead and hopefully we will capture something spectacular. Also if you are new to channel, please subscribe and hit the like button, I make no money out of this, other than to see if anyone is interested in viewing what the night sky brings us and to see if it’s worth carrying on the streams?

Equipment used: Sony A7s, Lens: 24mmm T1.5. Avermedia LGX usb 3.0 capture card

From 2016 Star Gazing

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