Entering the… “danger zone”

As has been mentioned in the article on the climate of Attica, the “danger zone” (chronicles), where it marked the fiercest storms of the year, is, on average, from the last ten days of October as the end of November. For example, only yesterday (21/10) and today (22/10) we have the “anniversaries” 2 recent historical storms (that in 21-22/10/1994 and last year 22/10/2015). If you go older, you will find many of them, unfortunately, fatal, storm, inside this interval (see table at the end of this article). Therefore, such intensity storms, at this time, is to be expected.

Today’s storm was a singularity, approximately (but not exactly) the same as that 2 weeks ago. Again, the low coming from the south Adriatic and we would still have the fronts to us coming from NW direction (not particularly favorable for Attica), however this time, instead of going through the north and through Halkidiki to go to the east, the centre will be approached in the NW Peloponnese. So the situation, although it was better than last time, but there weren’t a lot of room for optimism in the first phase. In the second, however, and watching the storms to be particularly active in the western parts of the country in the evening (as in 7/10),

(Source Blitzortung)

created the suspicion that there will be something ευνοικότερο for Attica. The instability there was the ΜetOffice insisted on the passage of 2 cold fronts over Attica, without “break”, as in the prediction of 7/10.

(Source MetOffice).

There were again large ραγδαιότητες in many stations, and some had more than one wave. The Menidi wrote 288 mm/hr

the New Faliro 281 mm/hr

while the central areas as the 260 mm/hr (e.x. Patissia)

The precipitation reached 50 mm within 2-3 hours. The Hive were a total of 59 mm in 2 waves (31 mm in the first, the breakfast and 28 mm in the second).

(Map: Metar.gr)

The electrical discharges as recorded by the Blitzortung (to be emphasized here that this system, due to the lack of detector in our country, record only a portion of the discharges. The real number is much higher)


Images from the invasion with large ραγδαιότητες in Blister (picture a little while ago, for comparison, and during!)

Picture of lightning by the camera of the Meteo in the centre of Athens.

Image of lightning on the Citadel from the Multi Τριγκα via Severe Weather Greece.

Κεραυνοβόληση in Piraeus, from the Akis Meteo! (Particularly after 2:50″ and 4′)

A small χρονογράφημα from the intro of the second (κυριοτερου) wave

Source Athens Astrophotography & Storm Chasing Team

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