Unexpected storm damage.

Of the few (personally I remember 1-2 cases) that the low passes by to the north track and out of Chalkidiki, influencing and Athens. I was expected to be influenced almost exclusively by western Greece (as it happened). However, the front had powers, and she spent the entire Peloponnese, reaching Athens, with windy puffs and ραγδαιότητες of more than 200 mm/hr in the center and NORTHEAST sections (e.x. Psychic 202 mm/hr, Beehives 268 mm/hr, Ag. Friday 274 mm/hr), while many stations ξεπεράσαν with the comfort of 100 mm/hr. (As we mentioned in the article about the Climate of Attica, the large ραγδαιότητες is common for Attica and Athens).

With these data, as is natural, there have been floods so we had water extraction in the areas most affected, as fallen or broken trees, tree branches etc.

Yes, happened displacement of a stationary plane 747-200 of the Ηellenic Imperial, by the gale-force winds in the El. Venizelos at 2130 LT. The metar of the airport to give gusts of 60 kts (111 km/h) at that time! In the 1st photo, the yellow line on the ground was the one with which it was initially aligned on the plane! It is assumed and tornado as well as beyond this plane, there have been reports of and for other bulky and very heavy objects (e.x. air container) scattered too far away like matchboxes! Bear in mind that the area is prone to tornadoes. The event will be checked further and that there will be added in the future. Photos: Peter Rallis / Severe Weather Greece.

From gus at the front was also 2 times a partial black out in the basin. In the 2nd it seemed the explosion of a transformer or the flat cable from where I was (the following pictures are the moment it happened and immediately after, where it seems that they have put out a few lights in the area)

The John Manesis was very close to the spot and recorded the incident (source: Severe Weather Greece).

In the following video from the Apostle Μιχαρικόπουλο, we see the invasion front in Piraeus!

Source Athens Astrophotography & Storm Chasing Team

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