Project: From StarDust to Infinity II

The following video is the second part of the short film “From StarDust to Infinity” (from the stardust to infinity, in free translation). Contains vignettes that were created between May and August 2016 (with the exception of 3″ from an older χρονογράφημα in Evia). It is proposed that the viewing of the highest quality 4k, which is available for this video and of course in full screen. Let it down and enjoy it. In small screen or in a lower quality, lost a lot of quality characteristics that are of particular importance in a video like this.

This is the second part of the Project “From StarDust to Infinity”. It gathers timelapses from May 2016 till August 2016 from Mt. Helmos hotel and Attica (with the exception of 3″ of an older timelapse from Evia). It’s highly recommended to choose the ultimate 4k quality available for this video, let it download and watch it on big screen, since anything less can obscure many sky features. Enjoy.

Music/Music Credits: Position Music – Forging a new light (Danny Cocke)


**The following link can be found in the last 1st part of the χρονογραφήματος / The first part, presented in 2015, can be found here: Source Athens Astrophotography & Storm Chasing Team

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