Cromlech Alemendres, Portugal: The Oldest Stone Circle in Europe?

Presented by Hugh Newman and featuring exclusive interview with archaeologist Mário Carvalho of Located on the slopes of the Monte dos Almendres in Portugal, is the ancient megalithic site of Almendres Cromlech, also popularly known as the ‘hill of the stone amphorae’. It is believed to be one of the oldest stone circles in Europe consisting of over 90 granite standing stones. The stones are arranged in two ‘twin’ circles. The ring to the east is circular in shape, and the smaller of the two. It contains the oldest stones, which have been dated to the Early Neolithic period (6000 B.C.). The ring to the west, on the other hand, is elliptical in shape, and is believed to have been built during the Middle Neolithic period (5000 B.C.).