UFO in Siberia flew into the tent and killed the dog and the boy. Ball lighting fireball

The tragedy occurred on August 17 at Russia / Jamalo-Nenets / Aksarka in Cape Nyaruy-Salle. In the tent flew fireball that exploded inside. As a result, killed seven year old boy. Burns are the second and third degree received 12-year-old and 16-year-old girl. They were taken to the district hospital in Salekhard. Upon investigation verification initiated.

“It is planned site inspection, forensic examination of the dead body, the establishment of eyewitnesses, the questioning of victims”, – says the ministry.
Flying plasma ball of unknown origin.

Location: 68°31’9″N   67°42’9″E

At this point, there are two usually plague reindeer herders. In flown “ball lightning” jumped dog. As a result, there was an explosion: the boy and the dog died. His mother was able to contact via satellite phone their families.

At this moment in the herder home were only three of his children and a dog. The dog immediately rushed to the fireball, but it exploded and tore the animal’s head.

From lightning and killed 7-year-old Timur. After the explosion, “ball lightning” split into several parts, and its fragments were injured reindeer herder’s daughter – 16-year-old Sophia and 12-year-old Sabrina.

Media put forward versions of ball lightning, but natural lightning have other characteristics.
According to the National Weather Agency in the area from 16 to 18 August was a little clouded sky weather. No rain and thunderstorms. Natural ordinary lightning or ball lighting could not have emerged. Source https://www.gismeteo.ru/diary/11467/

Image from NASA satellite of this area 17.08.16

In July 2016 an unidentified phenomenon originated in Novosibirsk, the phenomenon confused with ball lightning.
Here you can read details about the characteristics of these fireballs.
Events in Yamal on 17 August and in Novosibisk in July 2016 related to the UFO phenomenon.
Black Triangle UFO formation over Tyumen August 17, 2016
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