Webcams UFO Hessdalen, Norway.

A small village in Norway, in the 80s of the last century, became a place of emergence of unidentified flying objects.
UFO in Norvege

The spectrum “lights” filmed over the valley of Hessdalen (Norway). The photo was taken in September 2007, “Project Hessdalen” participants. Exposure for 30 seconds. The object was moving from side to side with great speed, breaking distance of 10-15 km in a few minutes.

UFO appeared in the valley, which is located in the area Trøndelag in central Norway. They take the form of stationary or moving objects, and the first mention of this phenomenon was documented 200 years ago. Their greatest activity came in the first half of the 80 years of the last century, when in an isolated valley began to frequently observe the UFO. Weekly noted several observations. Since there was not any reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, Project Hessdalen was established.

Live stream TV from Hessdalen,
You may look at the stream by your iPad here.
Live stream TV from Hessdalen,
 cam 2
You may look at the stream by your iPad
To the north west
Live stream TV from Hessdalen,
 cam 3
You may look at the stream by your iPad

To the south west

Description of the phenomena

There can be a big difference in how the Hessdalen phenomena look like. The difference is so big that there might be different kind of phenomena we are facing. These difference can be seen both in the pictures and in the description from the observers.
The phenomena can be organised in different types, based on how it looks like, the movement and how it behaves.

Most of the descriptions, given by the observers, tell about a light phenomena seen when it is dark outside. That is natural, because it is easier to see a light when it is dark outside. 85 % of the reports gathered during the period with highest activity, in the beginning of the 80’ies, tell about a light phenomena. The rest of the report use the word “object”, and some of these were seen during the daytime. Sadly, there are no pictures of these, but there are several pictures of the lightphenomena. When the lights is best documented and in majority of the cases, we have choose to use the word light phenomena, and we have programmed the automatic station to react on light phenomena. 

The phenomena can be devided in these categories:

1 – White, or blue-white flashing light. They are usually high up in the air, close to the to of the mountains or even higher. Their living time is usually short, typical some seconds. Sometimes they have been seen for a minute, but seldom any longer time. The picture on the right is taken with a long exposure time. During that time has the light flshed several times while it is moving. The camera has been on a tripod.

2 – A yellow light, with a red light on the top. This red light can be flashing. The picture on the right is taken with a long exposure time. During that time has the light moved, and one red flash happened during this period. When the light is moving during the exposure time, you will see it as a yellow line on the picture. It is also possible to see that the yellow light is not constant in intensity. The camera has been on a tripod
4 – A black “object” with light on. This has been reported several times in Hessdalen. To the right you can see a picture of such a phenomena. It was Leif Havik who took the picture in Hessdalen on the 18.Mars 1982. It shows three lights on this “black object”. To the left for that picture you can see a drawing made by one observer of a similar phenomena in Hessdalen. A “object” with a light on each end. The four pictures from the left is taken from a film recorded in Hungary around 1990. It shows a light with a black area on, which is moving around on the light. In one part of the film is this black area covering nearly the whole light, and then is it a black “object”. It is shown here for illustration, even if it is not recorded in Hessdalen, because it is something similar as described of these phenomena in Hessdalen. You can see the film here, a 3 Mbyte-avi or a 44 Mbyte-avi version. The speed of this film is half of the original. The moving speed of this phenomena is then two times more than what you see on that film.
Something similar was observed in our project
UFO over France, animation and photos by xufospace
LIVE STREAM cam 2 from YouTube

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