UFO at Laguna Hills, California, USA

Location: Laguna Hills, CA, US
Date 7 July 2016
UFO orb at California alien ET 2016 USA

Long Description of Sighting Report
While submitting a MUFON report for another event my wife called to me outside. I ran outside and she told me to look up towards sky. Almost immediately I noticed a red/white object moving from west to east.
I run back inside grabbing my Sony 8mm night vision camcorder. I return outside and start taping. It takes me a little while to get the object in focus but eventually I do. I converted the 8mm tape to digital format.
There are absolutely no navigation lights. It’s just a solid red/white color moving at a constant speed. Eventually, I lost sight of the object and returned inside to check the Heaven-above.com satellite database and the applicable app on my mobile phone. I could not identify any satellite that had travelled from west to east during this timeframe.