The city of Rostov unprecedented downpour washed away: people died, the car turned into scrap metal

The most powerful storm of hail and strong wind collapsed on Thursday 30 June 2016 at the Rostov-on-Don. Roads in the city turned into a mountain river. Dozens of cars were damaged and sank. Many people were unable to get home. This hurricane has tumbled down trees. There are reports of two fatalities.

Flood in southern Russia

Flooding washed away cars

According to local media, Rostov streets literally turned into rivers. Flooded were almost all major highways. Eyewitnesses write that at the intersection of Suvorov-Sokolova water flow was such that knocked people off their feet. Water began to penetrate into the room, where sheltered from the elements pedestrians – a café, shops, entrances of houses. Rain flooded Rostov “McDonald’s” on the street Bolshaya Sadovaya, and the main bus terminal.

Dozens of cars were drowned and were damaged. For example on Budyonnovsk Avenue water flow toting machine and beat them one against another, so that there is formed from the cars just a pile of scrap metal.

Pedestrians were forced to get home to his waist, and then to his chest in water. Rostov write in the social networks that in some areas of the city are now turned off the water, no electricity.

Eyewitnesses also reported that two people could have been killed in the chaos. The city authorities are now checking this information.

The reaction of the witness from the city center, it is very funny and fun for him.
Locals say that the storm was terrible thunder boomed continuously for an hour. In this video, an eyewitness – the constant lightning:
Молнии нон-стоп. Ростов, держись.

— AlexX Ef (@Alexandr_Ef) 30 июня 2016 г.

— Impressive Instant (@litvin05) 30 июня 2016 г.

 The main avenue of the city
Главный проспект города. #Ростов

— Запонки Путина (@Vzor_Post) 30 июня 2016 г.

— Nikita Kirilenko (@NikitaKirilenko) 30 июня 2016 г.

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