UFO spotted in Belleville, NJ, Essex County

“UFO” spotted in Belleville, NJ, Essex County

“Rich,” a Belleville resident, sent Patch a video that allegedly captured what he termed “UFOs” flying over the township and heading towards New York City around 7 p.m. on Saturday 23.02.2016.
There were four objects in total, including two that “were in a formation,” the resident said.
“My family and my neighbor saw them,” the local skywatcher claimed. “They just vanished after going northeast. I have no clue what they were, but they weren’t planes or balloons. They were silent, changing color and moving fast.”
Location on map
Date 23/22 feb 2016
This map of ancient buildings and monuments around the place of observation.

Hackettstown Ceremonial Stone Landscape

An outstanding feature of this site is a fine wavy or serpentine wall with a very good example of a tipped-up triangular stone at the end of it, making it look very much like a snake. This kind of feature is frequently seen at sites that are in low areas near marshes or springs. The site also has unusually-shaped natural boulders, which seem to be part of the complex.

This site is in woods outside Hackettstown New Jersey. There is a lovely waterfall in another part of the same woods. The greater part of the stone features are in a lower area, rather wet, with a small brook and springs.

A propped or balanced rock in New Jersey, USA.

These rocks are often off-handedly labelled glacial erratics, but their frequent placement near other stonework features and at geographically or culturally important spots strongly suggests that people helped nature along in many cases. Other perched and balanced boulders near Tripod Rock seem to form a site complex of a sort familiar to stonework investigators, suggesting either indigemous construction or sentient glaciers. 

Tripod Rock’s proximity to large metropolitan areas makes it a popular destination for hikers, stone enthusiasts, and new age types. While it and the Balanced Rock or Dolmen at North Salem, New York are showy and high profile, they model a type that can be found in smaller sizes and less prominent spots in a number of places in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states

New York Cleopatra’s Needle

An Egyptian obelisk with hieroglyphics
Installed in its current position in Central Park, New York, in 1880.

This UFO was energy substance.
Such a UFO appear alongside the megaliths. Where a lot of energy flows, and Teleports the planet.
UFO departed from the teleport.
UFO this type can perform two functions.
The first is the transfer of information and thought forms.
The second is, the effect on solid physical matter.
Manage such UFOS usually essential entity or aliens from bases or space ships.
UFO in the form of bunches of energy are very often found near ancient artifacts.
Many of the artifacts are the transponders of different kinds of energies.
And are located in so-called places of power.

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