UFO in the night sky in the form of of a flying star

Date of sighting: 4 june 2016

Long Description of Sighting Report
I went outside a little before 10pm to stargaze. At approximately 10:30pm PST, I observed a starlike object moving from north to south. I’d say it was 45-50 degrees above the horizon. I attempted to film the object but I couldn’t pick it up with my Sony camcorder even with night vision enabled. The object went behind some palm trees in our front yard and I lost sight of it. 
Approximately 15 minutes later my wife came outside. She asked if I had seen anything and I told her about my failed attempt to record a starlike object moving across the sky. Roughly 1 minute later, my wife exclaimed “what’s that!” She was pointing almost straight up. I immediately noticed what I believed to be the same starlight object moving across the sky. This time the object was moving from south to north. 
I immediately got my Sony camcorder going and thankfully I was able to pick up the object so I began filming it. I obtained a little over a minute of video footage. At the 25 second mark, a plane flying at a lower altitude crosses the path of the object. The plane is moving from west to east. You can tell the difference between the plane and the object. I think this was a propeller driven plane but I am not 100% sure. You can also see some stars in the sky too. Eventually I lost the object due to obstruction from my rain gutter and roof. 
As mentioned, I made this video on 8mm tape converting it to MPEG-2 format using 2.0 Video Grabber. I also made a duplicate video using stabilizing software from ArcSoft. So you can view the original video and a more stabilized video. 
Weather conditions at time of the sighting: 
Visibility 9 miles 
No cloud cover 
Wind west at 4mph 
Pressure 29.99 
Temperature 63 degrees 
Dewpoint 58 degrees
Location: Laguna Hills CA, US
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