UFO flying formation over Henderson, Nevada, USA

Date of observation: February 11, 2016

Location: Henderson, Nevada, USA

Long Description of Sighting Report
I was filming planes flying over Henderson, NV. They fly over at cruising height 6 to 7 miles up. As I was filming, I noticed 2 bright objects appear in front of the plane. It looked in focus so I guessed it was at least as high as the plane. Then I noticed two more objects, similar brightness and apparent height. The first two were parallel with the horizon. the second two were also parallel with the horizon but lower by 10 or 15 degrees. I was looking about 20 to 25 degrees up from horizon and NW direction. There were several trails in the sky at the time. The video is at 1080p. Unfortunately the auto focus performed as expected.
In the video you can see four objects flying below the aircraft routes.
So less than 10 kilometers.
Objects of the spherical shape, reflect the sun’s rays.
Flying strict formation, keeping the same distance from each other.
This shows that it is not weather balloons or balloons, inflatable balloons fly chaotically, without a formation in the air.