The triangular formation of a UFO over Los Angeles

Date of sighting: 17 june 2016

As seen in the screenshots from the video, the object represented the formation of three luminous spheres, formation rotated in opposite directions around the center of its axis.

Long Description of Sighting Report
I was sitting outside my balcony enjoying the evening wind. I closed my eyes and looked up to the sky. When I opened my eyes I saw a silvery object above in the sky which was just sitting there without moving. I thought it was a balloon at first but the reflection of the sun was making it shine real bright. I decided to look at it with my binoculars that were close by but I still couldn’t tell the shape of it. I decided to take out my telescope which has an attachment where I can hook up my android phone since I like taking pictures of the moon and the planets once in awhile at night. 
The object began to move slowly and I was struggling to capture it through my telescope until I was finally able to get it on my phone. I began recording it once I got a hold of it. At first I thought it was balloons once again because it was three spheres that were attached to each other but they began to move in a circular motion and once in awhile the three spheres would separate from each other and come back together. So I ruled out balloons. 
The three spheres together formed a triangle shape and were bright yellow almost shining, I don’t know if it was due to the sun hitting the object or what. The object would move around as if it was out of control but as it was moving in one direction it would suddenly move to another direction. At one point the object passed another white sphere like object which can been seen in the video but I was unable to stay with the other object or I would have lost the three sphere object. 
Finally I was unable to track the object because the arms that make my telescope move were unable to move further and I lost the object. The sun was setting and clouds began to move in making it difficult to see the object any longer. The object was real high in the sky because it disappeared behind the clouds that were passing by and usually the planes that pass above my house from LAX usually are real high in altitude and they don’t even fly above the clouds. I was able to find another video on YouTube from someone in Cordoba, Argentina who filmed a similar object back in May 2015.
Mufon case 77127
Location: East Los Angeles, California, USA