Scientist at deathbed makes shocking confessions about aliens

A recording has been released of the late US scientists Boyd Bushman who worked at a secret base of the United States Air Force. At that secret base, alien technology was developed and adapted for human use. According to Boyd, numerous alien bodies were studied at the facility as well. In the video, recorded shortly before his death, the Lockheed-Martin scientist shows images of alien bodies which according to him, were taken with disposable cameras at Area 51, a secret base of the Air Force in the state of Nevada.

Even though some of the details in the Biography of Bushman may seem controversial, according to British tabloid “Metro”, Bushman was an important researcher in aerospace corporation Lockheed Martin and had several highly classified patents.
According to Bushman, the alien technology is very advanced, these beings can travel at speeds much faster than light, and most of them come from planets that are located around 68 light years away from planet Earth. Bushman states that the aliens working at Area 51 are around 1.5 meters tall, they have fingers and toes just like humans but can live much longer than humans. These extraterrestrial beings are able to communicate via telepathy.
According to Bushman, scientists from Russia, China and the United States are working together at Area 51, their main research is anti-gravity technology.

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