Runes geoglyphs petroglyphs ancient aliens teleports Amur River Russia

Russia Khabarovsk Krai, Amur River, near the village of Sikačí-Alấn
Far East
48° 44′ 56″ N, 135° 38′ 46″ E
48.748889°, 135.646111°
Here on the basalt rocks are petroglyphs, figures, symbols.

Among these images, there are creatures like aliens.

When the supervisory approach appears again the falsity of the official dating of the time and purpose of these symbols on the stones.

a modern copy of an ancient petroglyph
If you compare the modern copies of the pictures that are marked on a granite stone and their originals from the shore of the Amur, you will notice a simple thing does not notice the consciousness of most people.
Historians date these petroglyphs date from three thousand years BC to 12 thousand years before our era, is simply fantastic space date.

Historians argue that the same figures were marked with stone and iron tools like hammer and chisel

now look at modern copy made with technologically advanced way.

There is no difference, then the ancient petroglyphs of the Amur River, have suffered in the same way a kind of technological means because there are no traces of rough manual processing.
Here’s a simple example of a modern copy made by hand with a chisel, absolutely smooth and not rough pattern turned out.
How ancient stones were processed, in my opinion, discuss next.
I assume that the ancient symbols from one hundred to two hundred years.
And now about the dating of the artifact. If the symbol on the stone was many thousands of years, drawing under the influence of natural factors such as erosion, changes in temperature and wash water, would lose its clarity, would practically not noticeable or completely disappeared. The more stones are in sinfulness and zone during the spring, when the ice crumbling stones and naturally blurs the images, they would not have survived and three hundred years.

My answer to the question of their own thoughts to a personal study and reflection What do these symbols were performed assuming that the people who lived a hundred or two hundred years ago in this region, there was no reason at all that either side to draw on the stones, especially if they do it with a chisel and the hammer and the tools of the time, the characters have turned curves and rough. People at that time were fighting for survival in these lands, all free time devoted to his household and vital hunting and fishing. Everything that people did was to benefit from them, otherwise it will not survive the local people of the time. But if it did not the people, who will? Tips are on the rocks themselves.
Most of the images is the outline of faces, but not men, heads have an elongated shape and a disproportionately large eyes, stripes on the head like a reptile skin folds.

I suppose, on the rocks of the Amur River, they are depicted gray aliens, reptilians, or as we call them UFOs Sumer telepaths octopus, more of them even write.

Other characters represent maze, circles and spirals, like characters found in the drawings in the margins arising in different countries, through these drawings Sumer contact with his servants Masons use the code matrix in the form of runes and symbols in the fields.
As these characters were made? I think in the not too distant past, the Sumerians in the region have adopted some technical innovations that would co-exist in harmony with the planet.

The compliance of stone structures, like the initial training to establish contact with the stone, to control the crystal of the planet, or as it is called “Philosopher’s Stone”, the philosopher’s stone, “Logos”, central crystal of the Earth, “Wisdom Stone”, “Knowledge stone” Magisterium, REBIS elixir of philosophers, the elixir of life, the red tincture, the great elixir … the fifth element, etc.
The central crystal of the Earth is one of many elements of the interstellar crystalline network. It is the brain of the planet, interstellar portal, teleport between planets of multidimensional galaxies.

It is possible that through these stone figures Sumerians engaged in arrangement of underground bases. Under the ground, in the field have been established teleports through which the Sumerians were, moved to this place.
To change the structure of the stone, the Sumerians used different types of energy to change, giving the stones needed for their shape goals. The elegance and beauty of pictures was not so significant and important to them, and the main purpose of a coherent system.
Teleports and energy rays coming out of underground bases, as well as exposure to energy rays Sumer ships in the air formed on the stones of the image and different characters, their matrix printing energy in symbols written in crystal stones.

Take a look at the petroglyph with a deer, the body parts are divided into several sections, separated by a geometrically accurate flat patterns. There are cases of animal dissection, Sumer animal experiments in which, as the petroglyphs represent lines, animals geometrically flat surgically cut or are exposed to different effects of different parts of the body.
Maybe petroglyph depicts their experiment on animals.

On the rocks can be found fused areas, if the stone melted under the influence of special energy.

On the rocks were seen round holes, deepening inside, in large basalt blocks as drilling modern tools.

I think that this is the remains of the impact of rays with a special energy, the energy that is exposed the stones to the transformation.
Circles and spirals on the shore of the Amur artifacts have similarities with the characters, in the form of spirals and circles on a granite megalith, hidden in the midst of the plains in central England.
There are absolutely identical characters with circles inside which is one or a few laps, with a slight indentation in the center.
I assume that a recess in stone, is the exit point of the beam forming the teleport, and circles around, it’s different energy components for the arising teleports.
Energy of teleports, rewrote stone matrix, which in turn increased the teleports. Teleport rebuilt stone structure, and a runic symbol Sumerians secured portal site, the spatial transition.

Stone monolith in England everywhere covered with incomprehensible symbols next to the stream flows and passes through the small waterfall, the water serves as a natural energy booster and a good conductor of information, next to the water much easier to form a stable teleport.
Note that the characters in the Khabarovsk region were at the shore of the river, next to the water.

More some unusual places and artifacts found in Mongolia

At a plateau over a large area, there are unknown to anybody geoglyphs captured by satellite.

Geoglyphs consist of patterns. Formed a vicious circle of lines of equal thickness. Inside each of these outer vicious circle lines are many other, they are separated from each other by the same distance, the pattern is gradually narrowed toward the center. In general, each pattern is unique, similar to the one set of wheels, have various other forms, but in general they resemble a fingerprint pattern.
Many patterns of more than one hundred meters in length, as if the hand of God, giant fingers left their mark in the desert on earth.
The patterns resemble the paths of beaten ground.
Given the variability of the terrain on which the geoglyphs long would not have held out and comparing early images from the satellite, I discovered that all geoglyphs were formed at the same time, which is close to the date of the images from the satellite. The pictures of earlier years, the geoglyphs are invisible.
Dates of images seen in the top left corner of the screen

From some small trail stretches patterns. The picture shows that the trail, which stretches to the pattern, which consists of the geoglyphs, there is a herd of animals.
This is direct evidence that the herd animals, strictly observing the geometry of the geoglyphs many times walked and ran in circles, straight lines on. As if something was driving the herd, directing the animals in the desired direction moreover the beasts have never gone astray. Pay attention, the line never interrupted, made carefully and accurately, different rings inside some geoglyphs do not overlap with each other, but in some circles visible in the closed circuit patterns, which intersect with other rings.
There are even geoglyphs, consisting of a huge spiral, starting from the path at the outer edge geoglyph.
We all know and for biologists is no secret that animals are able to capture the energy, not perceived by the majority of ordinary people.
I guess that some mysterious energy that extends from the ground to the surface, acted on herd animals in a way that led its rays began to move in circles, forming geoglyphs trails. I think the trails designated power line, which for a long time, moving animals. This place has an extraordinary energy and nowhere else in the world, this phenomenon is actually no longer have been reported.
At the same plain, a few kilometers from the geoglyphs can be found huge artifacts, protruding from under the surface of the geoglyphs and other origin than the previous ones.
Near the place look like a small quarry for sand mining, are strange anomalies on the surface forming some characters.
Here for example the mysterious traces on the ground. It looks like the icon scorched energy beam, as marking on a product that is burned by the laser.
I suppose the energy running teleport created these characters on the ground, there are a number of binary circle a perfect circle.
The icon is similar to the characters that appear in the margins, so compare with the most similar in pattern and geometry drawings.

Амур – река, протекающая на территории трёх государств (России, Монголии и Китая). Площадь бассейна составляет 1 855 000 квадратных километров, а длина реки – 2824 километра. Существует множество точек зрения о происхождении названия Амур, одно из которых – общая основа тунгусо-маньчжурских языков «амар» и «дамур» (большая река).

Amur – river flowing on the territory of three countries (Russia, Mongolia and China). The swimming pool area is 1,855,000 square kilometers, and the length of the river – 2824 km. There are many points of view on the origin of the name of the Amur, one of which – common ground Tungus languages “amar” and “Damour” (big river).