Photonis INTENS and L3 Filmless

Andromeda Galaxy ———————————————————————————————————— Equipment Used: 1 – Samsung NX Mini Camera
1 – Photonis INTENS Image Intensifier P22 Phosphor (FOM 2296)
1 – L3 Filmless Image Intensifier P43 Phosphor (FOM 1952)
2 – Litton M944 Night Vision Monocular Module
1 – Litton 162mm f/1.7 t/1.8 Objective Lens
2 – Litton 0.667x Relay Lens P/N 206812-100 Night Vision Image Intensifier L3 Night Vision ITT Night Vision Harris Night Vision Exelis Night Vision DEP Night Vision Photonis Night Vision INTENS AN/PVS-14

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