Photonis INTENS and L3 Filmless Image Intensifiers

Recorded in black and white for the purpose of eliminating any visual bias that would arise from phosphor differences. This Photonis INTENS uses P22 phosphor while the L3 Filmless uses P43. I specifically ordered a P22 phosphor INTENS so that I could take advantage of a longer decay phosphor. Though P22 has no effect on measured SNR, it can increase the perceived SNR the viewer is presented with. —————————— Targets: Ring Nebula Dumbbell Nebula
—————————— Equipment Used: 1 x Meade 10" Reflector Telescope
1 x Samsung NX Mini Camera
1 x Photonis INTENS Image Intensifier P22 Phosphor (FOM 2296)
1 x L3 OMNI VII (7) Unfilmed Image Intensifier P43 Phosphor (FOM 1952)
2 x Litton M944 Night Vision Pocketscope
2 x Litton 0.667x Relay Lens P/N 206812-100 Night Vision Image Intensifier L3 Night Vision ITT Night Vision Harris Night Vision Exelis Night Vision DEP Night Vision Photonis Night Vision INTENS AN/PVS-14

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