Norwegian meteor network

Norwegian meteor network
June 13 2016 meteor sighting simple
This site is updated extending with recent recordings from the camera network. The network is a collaboration between Norwegian meteor network and sun observatory / Tycho Brahe Institute and has financial support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.
In the table below are events that are recorded on only one station, marked in gray. For such records can not be performed bearings, and can often be misclassification due to air traffic, birds or otherwise. Was meteor visible under 40 km hight, the event is marked with red. The reports usually appears within half an hour after an incident. Very weak sparklers or brief (less than one second) is registered as a rule.
 Meteors photos & videos

All times are listed in UTC. It must be one hour to get Norwegian Standard Time or two hours to get Norwegian daylight. Click a time to get a report with pictures, calculations, charts, graphs and data so far this has allowed themselves generate, or scroll down under the table to load reports in chronological order.
Most meteors disintegrate far up into the atmosphere. Only in a few cases when something right down to the ground as meteorites, as bites from a few grams to a few kilos. We estimate that this occurs 5-10 times a year in Norway, and most of these events take place without anyone signing it because of daylight or cloud cover.

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