Multiple tubas vortex in western and northern France June 16

Two possible tornadoes in Oise

The storms hunter Julien Avalet photographed in the afternoon a snorkel very developed in the south of the Oise department. The phenomenon observed in the sectors of Chepoix and Thieux is sufficiently developed to consider a possible tornado. A field survey is underway on this phenomenon:

A second tuba particularly developed probable tornado, was also photographed in the afternoon in the south of the Oise this time east of Senlis, near Trumilly.
Tubas in Gironde, in the north, west-central and Ile-de-France
Other tornadoes primers were seen in the sky of the western and northern France this June 16
A tuba was photographed by Julien Kafara in Bruges in the Gironde
Not far away, snorkel was observed on the island of Oleron by Nicolas Dumoulin:
Another tuba was photographed in the area of Samer (Pas-de-Calais)
Also on the Pas-de-Calais, two tubas have also trained in the areas of Campagne-lès-Boulonnais and Neuville-sous-Montreuil. A very long snorkel ailleirs has been reported in Campagne-lès-Hesdin on the Facebook page Weather Nord – Pas de Calais:
Another tuba was observed from Etampes in the Essonne. An analysis of the phenomenon is underway to specify the location:
The same phenomenon seen from Morigny-Champigny and photographed by Annick Rittling:
Another case photographed Antony in the Hauts-de-Seine by Fl Sso:
Another phenomenon was reported by Xavier Delorme, in the sky of Paris:
A tuba persisted for about 5 minutes between the towns of Sarrigné, Corzé and Plessis-Grammoire in the Maine-et-Loire and was photographed by Benoit Tylio:
The same case was photographed by another witness near Tiercé:

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