Many UFO seen in Wyoming, USA May 2016

A very interesting observation

If they were Chinese lanterns that glow would be a different color, yellow or orange as the color of the flame.

Here glow bright white or blue.

Date of sighting: 2016-05-26

Long Description of Sighting Report
Me and my boyfriend were walking back to our apartment after taking our dog on a walk and to the park. I looked up and thought. Saw something in the sky… Maybe balloons.. My boyfriend works at the dispatch center which is always notified when special events like that take place, there was not anything going on that day that could explain these objects in the sky so I recorded them. The objects were pretty stationary, hovered and moved slowly. I was feeling extremely curious so I posted the video on a facebook page that is for the town, we got many comments about the video, but none that could explain what we saw. We were the only people who saw these object, there were so other witnesses. We didn’t loose sight we simply stopped recording and went home..
Mufon report 77123
Locaion: Casper WY, US