Listen to radio online radar detector UFO meteors in the atmosphere.

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Radio radar picks up special frequencies, which are reflected from falling and burning objects in Earth orbit.
Radio antenna in Roswell, United States operates at frequencies from 20 up to 80 MHZ

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When you hear a high pitched beep, it means flying object.
When entering, Meteor or UFO from space, the Earth’s atmosphere, objects pass through atmospheric gas molecules, thus, when friction is created from plasma emission from hot gas, certain radio waves bounce off the plasma and returned to Earth, where they take the antenna.
Curves of the antenna of the data line in Roswell realtime
Curved lines signal density
updated every 15 min
Here are data flow of Meteor Perseid 2015
Station in Marion
City in Iowa
Solar Activity
Detector Alaska
The detector and camera from England
Source cameras
Two-dimensional model of the signal
Three-dimensional model of the signal

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