Large meteor over Norway June 13, 2016

Meteor over Rogaland 2016-06-13 22:56:57 UTC
Link to meteor image

The map shows the bearings of the meteor. The dark lines show the direction of observation spots for meteors appearing, and the bright lines show where the last could be seen. The white arrow shows meteors visible process over the terrain. Click to visualize the path in Google Earth.
Link to picture
The plot below shows the meteor hight above ground along its orbit. Each red dot corresponds to where the line crosses term lines.
Meteor atmospheric path:

Start Height: 81.1 km
Final Height: 41.7 km
Starting position: 57,697N 5,966E
Final Position: 58,396N 6,112E
Direction: 6.2 °
Falloff: 26.7 °
Input Speed: 20.8 km / s
Radiant right ascension: 4:23 p.m. (245.9 °)
Radiant declination: -11.3 °
Meteor shower: sporadically

Meteoroid path element: 

Perihelavstand: 0.795 AU
eccentricity: 0746
inclination: 5.2 °
Knut Length: 83.1 °
argument of periapsis: 240.5 °
Mean anomaly: 353.0 °