Hail in the Netherlands and thunderstorms in Belgium June 23, 2016

Amazing hail storm near Someren, Noord-Brabant, Netnerlands June 23, 2016
Dramatic footage of massive hail stones falling over Bergeijk, Netherlands during a storm yesterday.
The filmer wrote online: “Most cars are damaged with dents and broken windows.
Some houses even have roof and window damage.”
“After the storm the streets were filled with leaves and some streets were even under water,” he continued.
“The hail balls were as big as tennis balls and were as big as the palm of a hand.”
Zwaar onweer 23 juni 2016 in Halle (thunderstorm, regenboog, bliksems)

Verschillende onweer (supercells) passeerden Halle (België). Geen schade maar veel mooie bliksems. Zelfs bliksems samen met regenboog. Geen hagel en wateroverlast.
Several thunderstorms (supercells) passed Halle (Belgium). No damage but a lot of beautiful lightnings. Even lightning with rainbow. No hail and flooding.

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