Electrolysis plasma orbs mini artificial sun on the ISS

On the ISS, astronauts in the experiment by the electrolysis of simple water, create a self-sustaining plasma “orbs” spheres.
In the plasma ball, there is a continuous generation of an energy. Most of all it resembles a fireball, fireball although in physics, in terms of gravity and the atmosphere can not be created. On the ISS experiment was conducted in a vacuum, and of course in weightlessness.
Here for example Terrestrial water electrolysis experiment, the reaction is not very supported, plasma is not stable, and requires a continuous supply of electric power.
If you simulate the ISS experiment on a large scale, with a large amount of water, it is possible to ignite the second artificial sun in orbit, except that wrap plasma reaction does not work, the sun will burn until the fuel is exhausted, which is water.
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