Daytime fireball seen over France and night over Spain

February 25, 2016 major outer body fell in the Centre of Europe, in the daytime.
Fall time around 10:40 GMT.
Official source of reference in the media
American Meteor Society received 250 reports about this event, which can be viewed at the link below.  This was a major event.
The actual real number of witnesses could be in the thousands, but not everyone knows where to report such events.
The most serious projects to study the meteoroids are guided from the United States.
The French have their own association, but develops slowly and insufficiently popularized.
Data provided by the American Association.

eyewitnesses the location Map

Place of falling object, countryside in the region Charleville-Mezieres, north eastern France.

Contents, media translation
A meteor has caused excitement on Thursday noon in parts of the Saarland. Many callers reported at the police station, at the airport and at the SR because she had unusual sky BoE Bach events. According to the European research center for fireballs and meteorites in Berlin is the celestial body about France burning up.
Between 11:45 and 12:37 Uhr a Metor over France flew towards Brussels. In this way he was burning up then somewhere over France in the atmosphere, so the situation centre of the police. The official center for fireballs and meteorites in Berlin it relied on information of the European research.

The spectacle of nature could well be perceived because of the good weather in the Saarland. People reported a bright Flash in the sky and a fast-moving flying object.

Another bolide over South-East Spain, Tuesday 23 Feb
“Very bright fireball over Spain on 23 Feb. 2016 at 5h54m UT (6h54m local time). The event was brighter than the full Moon and exhibited several explosions. This footage was recorded by the meteor observing station operated by the University of Huelva at La Hita astronomical observatory (Toledo).

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