Bad weather in the world, June 2016 part 2

Germany certainly has had it’s fair share of Dangerous Thunderstorms in recent days! Over 20 vortex reports during this time. 1 notably from Minden a small town in NW Germany. Stefan Pabst and his family were driving home in some pretty extreme conditions while this storm raged over their home town! As they were driving they witnessed lots of debris, uprooted trees, torn roofs, very strong Straight Line winds and a harvest completely ruined by Hail!
An excellent summery video of the event and aftermath, lots of SL Wind damage, possible downburst damage and when it comes to the view of damaged homes and torn roofs we believe this intense, confined damage is consistent with a strong Tornado. Just 1 of the 20 different reported Severe Weather events in Germany during this remarkable period.

Filming (9.6.16) in Mascalucia, ‪Sicily‬ of an approaching Storm

Tornade probable dans les Côtes-d’Armor le 10 juin

Probable tornado in Côtes d’Armor on June 10

Mini-tornade, dégâts dans un supermarché de Plémet et innondations de caves : le Pays de Loudéac n’a pas été épargné, ce vendredi, par les intempéries qui ont touché les Côtes-d’Armor.
L’épisode orageux a été court mais son passage aura été remarqué ! Ce vendredi, a 16 h 45 une mini-tornade a soufflé un hangar de 500m² qui abritait le matériel et le fourrage d’une ferme située lieu-dit Guerrieux, à Loudéac. En une minute à peine, il ne restait plus rien de l’édifice pourtant scellé dans le sol.
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Mini-tornado damage in a supermarket Plémet and flooding cellars: the Pays de Loudéac was not spared this Friday by bad weather that affected the Cotes d’Armor.
The stormy episode was short but its passage has been noticed! Friday, 16 h 45 a mini-tornado ripped a 500m² hangar that housed the hardware and forage of a farm located locality Guerrieux in Loudéac. In just one minute, nothing yet sealed the building remained in the soil.

Note any UFOs on video there, glowing point of this reflection on the glass of the camera flash.

06.05.2016 twin tornadoes in Schleswig in northern Germany

Waterspout yesterday afternoon in Molfetta Bari. Photo sent in by Amateurs Weather Network whatsapp John Brancale
10 June 2016
Flash flooding in Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy on June 8

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