An earthquake near Indonesia March 2, 2016, the destruction of the underground base, of Sumer aliens

In the southwest of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia there was a very strong earthquake almost 8 magnitude.
at a depth of 10 km under the ocean.
Date and time in UTC March 2, 2016 12:49:48

I suppose that this earthquake,
a consequence of the destruction of the base under the ground.

If you listen to the audio from the radio earthquake charts, it recalls the growing wave smoothly, and then a lot of simultaneous destruction in a short period of time.

Perhaps some energy spike squeezed the space around a vacuum bomb, and then there was a release of stored energy as a nuclear explosion.
The following are other data.

Total earthquake consisted of four simultaneous shocks.

Map that shows the portion of accumulated energy.
According to the map
the epicenter was located under the dress away from the crust fractures.
This is the most powerful earthquake in the last 56 years, in the area of the ocean, in a radius of 500km from the epicenter.
Here is a map showing earthquake in the last 56 years in the area of Sumatra.

A map that shows the location of witnesses who did not report severe devastation,
the earthquake was felt on the island poorly.

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