Amphipoli’s tomb discovery

Since the moment that the precinct of Kasta tumulus was revealed, , everyone stood speechless not only from the size but also by it’s concrete construction .And everyone wondered ,, is it unique? .. In archaeolgy as also in all scientific researching there is no authenticity.We always discover that someone else at least expressed the basic idea, especially in art and construction.There is such a chain of knowledge through prospectives and imitations that are often a fact.So was there a similar pattern like this,such a construction rule with precise mathematical analogy somewhere else before or after?..follow the procedure and you will realize that Amphipoli’s tomb is a very high quality monument.

See the photos below that estimate a rectangle pattern relief and see the notes for each of them.For us they are unique points of this stones and they lead to particular path for the dating of the monument.As also blocks that resemble the internal marble wall decoration which offer additional information about the dating!