The fall of an unidentified object on Jupiter.

UFOs or other anomalous activity on Jupiter
An amateur astronomer Dan Peterson recorded a drop in a large body, to Jupiter, September 10, 2012 at 6:35 mo local time in Dallas State Texas, USA.
An apparent object impact captured about 6:35 am on Sept. 10, 2012 from Dallas, Texas USA. The impact was observed by Dan Petersen of Racine, Wisconsin visually this morning. His observation was posted later on the ALPO_Jupiter forum. When I saw the post, I went back and examined the videos that I had collected this morning. Click on the image to the left  to see a 4 sec video clip of the impact on Flickr. The video was captured with a 12″ LX200GPS, 3x Televue Barlow, and Point Grey Flea 3 camera. The capture software was Astro IIDC. Here is a link to a web page hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas with more detailed information and access to the full 2 minute 15 sec video.
Flash on Jupiter rather strange, on the one hand, it is similar to the epicenter of the shock from the fall of unidentified space body, but after the explosion in the atmosphere of Jupiter, nothing remains.
Pictures of other observatories showing presumptive impact area.
Radius, tentatively called “explosion”, almost equal to the radius of the Earth, is to understand the cosmic scale of this event.
It is possible, it is a huge burst of energy, either from destruction of a large UFO, either by opening a giant teleporter, the Stargate.
One thing is for sure that this event is not man-made natural character, just flashes in Jupiter’s atmosphere does not happen, especially if the size of Earth.
 Fortunately astronomer put their shots from the telescope not only on the site, but also on the page of the University of Texas.
Anyone has the ability to download the original file from the camera of the telescope the size of 1.5 GB.
Much appreciation so amateur astronomers.
While formal structures are pretending that nothing had happened.
Sources mention this event