0350 – The solstice at Perdigões: new observations

Last May we
put a large post in the NE entrance of the outside enclosures of Perdigões, the
one that we have been saying that was orientated to the summer solstice. The
goal was to confirm that with present direct observation and establish the
possible relation with the semi-circular hut in the center of the enclosures.
Here are
the results from today’s morning observation at sun rising (the solstice is from today
until Tuesday).
from the center of the enclosure, the sun appeared precisely over the post that
was in the NE gate, confirming its orientation.
The sun just over the post at the gate NE
But the
central post of the semi-circular hut is also aligned with the post in the gate
and the sunrise, as we have suggested some posts ago. 
The alignment of the central post of the hut with the gate and the sunrise.
It is also quite probable
that this same central post is also aligned with the SE gate to the Winter
solstice at sunrise. We will be checking that next December (if the weather
allows it). If that is confirmed, then this central hut of semi-circular plan
that replicates de visibility of the natural theatre over the landscape to
East, will show a central post that combines the axes of orientation with both
gates to both solstices at sunrise.


So far,
there is no doubt that there is an orientation of the axe hut-gate to the summer
The post at the gate.
The central semi-circular hut with its central post.

Source portuguese enclosures