Russian fighter jets attempted to intercept a UFO incident in June 2016

At the end of June 2016, the Russian military planes twice scrambled alarm. The fighters took off to intercept a UFO that does not respond to the signals. For the first time the sphere has been seen not far from Vnukovo airport, then — at Voronezh.

In recent months the Russian military space forces, twice sent fighters to intercept an unidentified object. The first incident took place on June 24. The military decided to raise from the airport in the Tver region of the Su-27.
In addition, they give a signal «Cover», obliging all aircraft that are in the fighter’s availability zone, leave it, or land. However, a suspicious object did not obey.
It later emerged that the UFO had a spherical shape and did not carry any risk. However, due to signal «Cover» in the aviation communication began a stir: one aircraft were not given permission to take off, others were denied boarding.