UFO appeared over Texas, night video

Date of sighting: 6 May 2016
Location: Texsas USA
eyewitness account
May-06-2016 an Unknown U.F.O Craft was filmed over San Antonio,Tx…As I was taking out the trash I notice this red glowing object traveling southeast.I could clearly see this object was no aircraft .No FAA navigational light’s were visible.So i quickly crabbed my camcorder for a closer observation..As i began filming this huge unknown object multiply lights could be seen..This UFO appears to be a solid craft.On the video you can see this object to be Rotating as it traveled.Then it stops and Hovers…As i was filming the unknown,the lights configuration began to change.When zooming in multiply lights were changing diff shape… I did not see any FAA lights/hear any noise coming from this unknown object….In my opinion Clearly an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT..This was an awesome sighting due to as it appears to be One solid object…This Unknown object was clearly no aircraft or satellite…